Little Yellow Train
A complete Maintenance of Way Train
Chapter Cars

The often untold story of how railroaders have for years maintained the tracks that trains run on is captured in the Rappahannock Railroad Museum's Little Yellow Train. This has become the premier exhibit of the Museum. In this train, the Chapter has preserved a small collection of track cars used in performing track maintenance between the 1930's and 1960's. These historic cars are used to offer rides through the Spotsylvania Business Park and along Deep Run Spur to the active mainline on Saturday mornings from March 15th to the end of October. Winter excursions are also run when temperatures, rail conditions, and crew availability permit. This educational excursion provides a glimpse into the life of the railworkers in the mid 20th century.

Harrell Video

Pictures of the Little Yellow Train in Action:
Maiden Run on July 21st 2007
Extended Test on August 4th 2007
Down to the Main on September 1st 2007
Test-Run on October 13th 2007
Test-Run on September 23rd 2008
Work Train on October 18th 2008
Inspection Train November 28th 2008
Two Train Test March 6th, 2009
Flange Clearing May 30th, 2009
Autumn Leaf Excursion October 31st, 2009

Chapter members Mark Stuart, Bill Jerow, Loren Caddell, and Floyd Swigget on B&O PCT-501 on February 24th, 2007, the first time all three cars have been on the same rail. These four as well as two other members who have passed on are responsible for saving the C&O and B&O trackcars from being scrapped.

Chesapeake & Ohio RR Motor Car
This is a former Chesapeake & Ohio Motor Car built by Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc. This unit was donated to the Chapter by CSX. It received a cosmetic restoration in 2005 and was restored to operation at the end of 2008.
Here is a view of the Lister single-cylinder diesel engine in the motor car.

Baltimore & Ohio PCT-501
PCT-501 was built for the Baltimore & Ohio RR by Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc. 501 is a crew car, and its role in the M.O.W. trains was transporting twenty tight-fitting crew members between work sites. This car was donated to the Museum by CSX and was completely restored in 2005.

New York Central Crane Car
The Museum acquired this Sylvester/Kalamazoo derrick car in May of 2011 from an individual in Ohio. The museum was able to completely restore the car and has been available once again for lifting assignments since September 2011. The car is believed to have come from the New York Central Railroad, however we are still looking for more information on the car's history.

Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac 43
#43 is a former Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Motor Car, built by the Northwestern Railroad Company. Motor cars were used for power on M.O.W. trains and also track inspections. This unit has a International Green Diamond six-cylinder, 214 cubic inch engine, which provided more than enough power for these tasks. What makes #43 unique is that both its axles are driven, where most motorcars have only one powered axle. The car is now completely restored and runs like a champ. It is hard to believe the car once looked like this:
RFP 43
Tool Cart
Here is a tool cart. This piece of equipment was used for transporting tools and materials between work sites. This car was donated to the Chapter by the Spotsylvania County Industrial Park, and was cosmetically restored in 2005. The car is currently used as a display piece, but is fully operational.

Have any information on these cars? The Chapter acquired these cars with little history known about them. If you have any information on these cars, we would be glad to hear from you. Use our contact form on our Contact Us page.